Mermaid Mousse Face

L.A. Studios


Mermaid Mousse Face is the perfect companion to our all-over whipped tanning mousse. It’s also a great stand-alone beauty staple for any glamorous gal who wants a radiant, bronze complexion year-round. The lightweight formula simply melts into skin and won’t clog pores; it’s absolutely perfect for use under your favorite makeup! And we’ve added a revolutionary new goji berry extract, Instalift® Goji, clinically proven to dramatically lift, firm and tone skin. Packed with collagen-boosting peptides and wrinkle-reducing antioxidants, it’s the only anti-aging treatment you’ll need for truly gorgeous skin. Look rested, refreshed and full of energy every day (even if you aren’t!) with this amazing, multi-tasking mousse!

To Use: For a flawless complexion, use light sweeping motions to rub Mermaid Mousse Face into skin. The instant bronze colour will guide you while applying, letting you see exactly where you need more mousse. Let the colour develop for 6-8 hours before showering, and you’ll have a dazzling tan that lasts for 7-10 days. Don’t forget to pair it with our body mousse for a mermaid-perfect glow that lets your own inner radiance shine through!

At Million Dollar Tan, we take tanning seriously, and we know how frustrating it is to have to buy several foundations just to match your tan. Enter Shade Upgrade. Simply add a little Shade Upgrade to your favorite liquid foundation and your makeup will get an extra boost of colour to match your tan. It’s easy to add a little or a lot to match your luminous new glow! Shade Upgrade is the only product of its kind that can give your existing foundation an extra bit of bronze. We’ve designed it with a totally natural-looking brown base colour, so it will always look great with any skin tone. Made to work perfectly with your Million Dollar Tan, it’s also amazing for any naturally tan gal looking for the right foundation shade. And Shade Upgrade gives skin a little extra luster—just a touch of gentle sheen to make your skin truly radiant!

The perfect Million Dollar Tan needs the perfect finishing touch—and makeup that matches your new gorgeous glow is definitely a must! Shade Upgrade Extreme is a revolutionary product designed to make your makeup match flawlessly with your tan. Simply mix a few drops with a small amount of liquid foundation and your makeup will get a boost of intense colour to match your tan. It’s easy to achieve the perfect tone even if your colour changes daily! This lightweight formula mixes effortlessly with any foundation, and also gives skin a subtle, glamorous sheen. While our regular strength Shade Upgrade is designed for any tanner needing an extra hint of colour, Shade Upgrade Extreme is perfect for the ultra-bronzed who need a deeper, richer colour to match their tan. The search for the perfect makeup shade is over!